• Safety reps win right to professional training
  • Three year dispute grinds to a halt
  • Sydney Trains union safe and strong 

For three years Sydney Trains management blocked the workplace safety reps from accessing union nominated professional training necessary to carry out their role.

“It was an extremely frustrating time. Our hands were tied,” Stephen told Snapshot. We were elected by our peers to make the workplace safer but we couldn’t protect them.”

Following a staff standoff a SafeWork NSW review ruled workers were entitled by law to access the training of their choice.

“It’s been a long road but with the unions’ help we got a win across the line. We stood our ground and we’re union proud.  This is a dangerous job. The win means a safer workplace for all,” Stephen said.  

AMWU NSW Secretary Tim Ayres praised the efforts of the combined rail union members and their officials. 

“Having elected, independent and properly trained safety reps is paramount to workplace safety. Our members refused to allow their employer to get away with compromising their safety and we are proud that they won.”

Alex Claassens, Secretary of the Rail Tram and Bus Union NSW, said this is a significant win for workers who have been fighting for a voice on safety for years. 

“As the most prosecuted government agency in the state, Sydney Trains’ safety record speaks for itself. By trying to silence workers’ voices they wanted to continue their unsafe cost cutting agenda with impunity.”


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