Snapshot Stories

Review finds NSW workers compensation scheme ‘dysfunctional’

Scheme’s $1.87 billion surplus should be used to improve benefits Injured workers’ mental health affected by covert surveillance Disputes riddled with delays causing havoc on workers’ lives 

Sally McManus makes history as first woman elected ACTU Secretary

Calls to change weak workplace laws to protect workers Government must focus on rampant lawlessness of corporates No backing down from support for illegal industrial action 

Workers united will never be defeated

Thousands rally against attacks on ordinary Australians Penalty rates cut the thin edge of the wedge Union movement united in fighting back 

Turnbull government acknowledges need to reserve gas

Energy supply becoming major concern for state and federal governments Gas companies forced to reserve Australian gas Announcement comes after three year campaign by AWU

No profit from rape

Save 1800 RESPECT Only 24/7 sexual assault counselling service under threat Donate to stop corporate profiteering from rape 

Paramedics lives in safer hands

Boost to paramedic injury protection scheme Increased funding for health and wellbeing Injury prevention key in keeping costs down 

Poverty and intimidation at the gateway to Madagascar

Sacked for joining a union to fight for fair pay & safe conditions Stand up for dock workers in Madagascar fighting for their rights Tell the Madagascan Government to stand up for workers’ now

Workers win back stolen wages in Illawarra

Endemic culture of wage theft in Illawarra exposed Students and unions working together for fair pay First employee wins wages windfall 

A sea of hearts flocks to Sydney

Disability workers hold statewide strike Workers call on Premier to ‘have a heart’ Fears for clients and working conditions 

It’s time for a royal commission on wage theft

Workers being robbed on a mass scale Gig economy driving down wages & conditions Calls for national register to log work and pay 
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