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NSW public hospitals are world renowned and the really wonderful thing about them is they are accessible to everyone as a right not a privilege.

They are part of what makes Australia great and by selling them off the Baird government is selling us out.

This is a further step in the Americanisation of our health care system – where patients pay more and health outcomes are worse. 

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| 2016-10-31 14:47:13 +1100

My family and I moved to the central coast almost 30 years ago. We chose to live here at Kanwal, close to schools, shops and medical facilities. In the early years we had several trips to the hospital with the usual childhood injuries and asthma attacks, then later my former husband was hospitalised several times with various health issues including a collapsed lung and suspected TB for which he received treatment over a long period of time. In 1999 I was diagnosed with cancer. My family helped contribute to the $1.1 million raised by this community through a Cancer Care Appeal under the Patronage of the late Harry Moore OAM. I have proudly been a registered volunteer of CCLHD Cancer Care for over ten years and facilitator of a local cancer support group, originally started by LHD, for 15 years.
I am proud of the community I live in, proud to serve my community, and I will defend what this community has worked so hard to establish.
Our community were not asked, nor consulted in any way, in relation to this latest debacle. A decision was made, a pen provided, signature done, and then we were told what we were getting.
That’s not how it works. Some years back we were told that our health district would merge with another, that didn’t work. This type of hospital privatisation didn’t work in Port Macquarie, what makes anyone think it would work here.
There are many local residents both male and female who have worked tirelessly over the years to support Wyong Hospital, raising funds that provided many of the resources that were vital to seeing not only the patients receive best possible care and attention, but that our dedicated staff also have the facilities and resources they not only need to provide that care and service to us when we need it most but because they deserve it too.
I have met Minister Skinner on several occasions, and I clearly recall sitting in a tent with her outside Wyong Hospital during a protest over the closure of the Extended Care Workshop. Her words then were about how strong our community was, and what a magnificent show of support from the public over the proposed closure. She again spoke similar words regarding the public support for the Regional Cancer Centre at Gosford.
Now I am not a politically minded or motivated person, and I have no desire for that to change. I am not an academic nor a health care professional. But I am someone who cares.
I would like to ask the Minister if she thought we were a strong community then, apart from the fact that she was in opposition at the time of the tent protest, what has changed that she now thinks we can have our hospital taken from us in such an underhanded and disrespectful manner.
The Minister, by her actions and those of the Premier, has insulted the people of the central coast, our community, and our health care workers.
By refusing to answer the questions put to her by our elected representatives and showing by her actions and responses that whether she is in power or not, she is simply as shallow as a puddle.
I hope Ms Skinner is prepared for the fight because you don’t mess with the people of the central coast, you don’t ignore us, or pay us lip service, or treat us in a way that takes away our right to a fair and reasonable health service. Its not a game.
Wyong Hospital is definitely not for sale, so might we respectfully ask that The Premier and his Minister do their shopping elsewhere.

| 2016-10-04 15:13:28 +1100

All you have to do is look at the USA to see that privatization does NOT work! You have people living on or below the poverty line being treated in car parks by health professionals doing pro bono work! Is this the sort of Australia we really want to live in. DO NOT support privatization of any kind in Australia! Hands off! Keep it PUBLIC!

| 2016-09-28 15:44:59 +1000

Having recently returned back to Australia after a trip home to Ireland I have first hand experience of what a privatised health care system looks like. The austerity measures in Ireland since the global financial crisis has led to the denigration of our beloved health care system as the government wipes it’s hands of its responsibilities by contracting out many essential front line services. One of these is hospital cleaning and I have never in my life seen a dirtier ED when I unexpectedly found myself in St James hospital with my mum one Thursday afternoon. The whole ten hours I was there I did not see one cleaner. The bins were tipped on the floor the toilets were overflowing the taps were constantly running and your feet literally stuck to the ground. It was like third world country conditions and it was an embarrassment to the public and the staff who are doing their very best under really stressful and difficult circumstances to provide world class patient care. We all know privatisation means cutting corners and scrimping on services and staff in order to boost the budget bottom line. Don’t let the same happen here. STOP THE AMERICANISATION OF OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM

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