Unions NSW has released a ten point plan to boost jobs and economic activity in Western Sydney. 

Suggestions include a 20 per cent car rego discount for people who use public transport on a daily basis, a 4:1 ratio of tradesmen to apprentices on state government infrastructure projects and the establishment of free wifi hotspots at all major Western Sydney town centres.

The plan also calls for the establishment of a Western Sydney jobs commissioner and a targeted public sector graduate recruitment program for Western Sydney University.

South-western Sydney currently has twice the unemployment rate of the eastern suburbs, and as population grows an aggressive job creation strategy is critical.

“We need a specific plan to create more and better jobs, close to where people live,” said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW. “The south west growth zone will soon host a population the size of Canberra. It's simply not tenable to have people driving to the job zones of the east everyday. That's a recipe for gridlock and pollution.”

“Our plan hits this problem from every angle. We want to encourage a diversity of jobs, across different industries. It's important that we boost economic activity, tackle congestion and also make Western Sydney town centres more attractive places to establish offices.

"We are especially conscious of the need to boost quality of life by allowing people to live and work more easily within Western Sydney. Our cut-price rego plan is designed to get people off the roads and onto public transport. These are practical considerations that deserve consideration by Government." 

Check out the report here.

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