Unions NSW Assistant Secretary Emma Maiden attended a 300 strong door knocking event in Victoria recently. She door knocked with Matt the Firie and had a great time talking about issues that matter to workers and their families.

Here she gives her top ten reasons why you should be #Knocking4Change this weekend. 




 1. The record of the state Liberal Government is damaging

We’ve had four long years of the NSW Liberal Government and their record could not be more damaging. Cuts to health, education, workers compensation and the privatisation of public services including electricity, transport and now our water is taking us down the American path and once we go down we can’t come back. Hospitals, water, disability services and vocational education shouldn't be run to make a profit for Mike Baird’s business mates.

2. People aren't aware an election is on the horizon

Working people across NSW are ready to fight this election and to make sure our NSW Government is being run in the interests of people like you and me but many people in the community don’t even know an election is imminent. That’s why we need your help. As members of the largest people-powered movement in Australia, we have an important role to play, and this weekend’s door-knocking is a great way to help lead the charge for change and start the conversation that will start changing voter’s minds. And it starts by talking with our neighbours. 

3. Door-knocking - who, what, why?

Door-knocking is the most effective way of making face-to-face community contact. Some people may think door-knocking is an intrusion into other people’s lives. But if you try it you may be surprised by the pleasant reception you receive.

4. Let the professionals do the talking

You won’t be on your own. It is hoped each volunteer will be paired with a professional who will lead the conversation about the issues that matter to them. Health workers will talk about the $3 billion cuts to health. Firefighters will talk about the closure of fire stations across the state. Electricity workers will talk about the possible impact of selling off our poles and wires. You just have to be there to lend a helping hand.  

5. You will be prepared 

Even though you won’t be expected to do much of the talking you will be provided with a brief script to help you in those first few conversations. After that you will most likely find your own flow and be having conversations with ease.

6. You will be helping to build the momentum 

You will be part of a massive social media blitz in which you will be taking pics of the professional with the person and their pledge. The pledge asks the person to consider the issues the professional raises when going to the polls next March.  

7. It's about being involved in something big

On the day we will be having at least 2500 conversations with the community about the issues that matter and even if this changes a few minds for the better then it is a job well done.

8. Getting to know your community 

These days in our fast paced society we don’t often take the time to strike up relationships with our neighbours. That’s why taking part in #Knocking4Change gives you the opportunity to break down the barriers and connect with your community on a different level.

9. Who knows - you might just enjoy yourself

Door knocking can be a positive and enjoyable experience and helps you to understand your community and what everyone’s individual needs are. If you give it a try you might just be surprised. 

10. Everyone's got to eat

Once you finish #Knocking4Change you can kick back with your fellow comrades and debrief over a well-deserved sausage sizzle. This is a great opportunity to catch up with like-minded colleagues and mates and reflect on the experience. There’s sure to be many funny stories about the day’s activities. 


When I did the door knock in Melbourne recently I had a fabulous time. We were very well received by households and it was a privilege to be out and about with these professional workers who provide such essential public services and are so passionate about what they do. It opens your eyes and inspires you to see just how much the community cares. 

-  Emma Maiden Assistant Secretary 


When: Saturday, November 22, 2014
Where: Fusion Australia, 12 Carson's Ln, St Mary's, NSW, Australia.
Time: 9:30am - 2:00pm 
To be part of the action RSVP here



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