Unions NSW Assistant Secretary Mark Morey was with union members and activists who doorknocked local residents in the marginal seats of Oatley and Gosford last weekend as part of the Jobs, Rights and Services election campaign.  These two doorknocks followed on from the success of the initial super doorknock held in the marginal seat of Londonderry on 22 November 2014.

Unions NSW worked closely with the Electrical Trades Union NSW Branch, the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives Association and the NSW Teachers Federation’s TAFE Division to refine the door knocking model used by Victorian Trades Hall in the recent Victorian State election. 


In two weekends alone union members and activists have knocked on around 4000 doors with 1000 pledges signed by local residents along with numerous “selfies” of union members and activists with and local residents which will be used as part of the Jobs, Rights and Services social media campaign. 

Many of the union members and activists who participated in the event had never door knocked before and there was, as expected, some trepidation regarding the process.  However, upon their return from door knocking the activists could not have been happier or more excited about their experiences.  Responses from people who answered doors ranged from conservative voters stating their opposition to the Baird government’s attempts to privatise essential services such as the electricity network and TAFE’s through to significant concerns about the Americanisation of our health system. 

The union doorknocking process seeks to encourage union members to be active in the local communities in which they live and to enable them to have genuine conversations with their neighbours about current issues facing working families in NSW.  The process is not about electing a particular party but rather it is about union members and activists asking their neighbours and communities to consider important issues such as privatisation and the impact it will have on our community and cost of living as they vote in the NSW election on 28 March 2015. 

Door knocking provides an opportunity for workers to connect with people and to have genuine conversations about issues that matter to them and their community.  It also provides a unique opportunity for union members to learn new skills and to join others who share their values to be a part of something bigger within their local community.


At the conclusion of Saturday’s doorknock in Oatley those union members and activists who held some trepidation about knocking on strangers doors to discuss issues which affected them could not speak highly enough of the experience.

In the post debrief comments included:


“After being worried about knocking on people’s doors, I couldn’t believe how positive the whole experience was”


“I couldn’t believe it, I knocked on one woman’s door and she asked me to give her a bundle of ‘Stop the Sell Off’ flyers so she could hand them out at her kids school on Monday”

Join Us To Hear About the Victorian Union Campaign!

If you would like to hear more about the Victorian campaign Unions NSW is hosting Victorian Trades Hall Secretarty Luke Hilakari and Campaign Director Wil Stracke from 3:30 – 5:00pm on Monday, 15 December 2015 the Trades Hall Auditorium, Ground Floor, Trades Hall, 4 Goulburn Street Sydney.  Light refreshments will be served after the briefing.

Please RSVP on our website , on Facebook or by phone to Mary O’Donoghue 9881 5999

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