Thousands of working people, students and pensioners will rally and march in Sydney today to send a clear message to new Senators about the unfairness of the Abbott Government’s first budget.

Speeches will begin at Town Hall Square at 1300, followed by a march from about 1330. Adoorstop involving speakers will also take place at Town Hall Square at the conclusion of the speech, at around 1420.


Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon, said the budget was the most unfair attack on the living standards of working Australians in living memory.


“If new Senators allow this budget through in its current form it will fundamentally reorient Australia, making us a less fair society. They have a critical opportunity to defend mainstream Australian values,” Mr Lennon said.


“This budget rips $80 billion from health and education and yet at the same time introduces a $7 GP co-payment, shredding Australians’ cherished right to universal health cover through Medicare.


“Australians believe in Medicare because it makes us a better and more inclusive society.


“This budget will also see the introduction of $100,000 degrees, dashing the hopes of kids from working families who aspire to tertiary education.


“And the cuts to welfare, pensions and parenting payments will combine with higher petrol costs to push many households to the brink of financial hardship.


“This is a budget that will change the face of Australian society, propelling us towards US-style inequality.”


Speakers will include:

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon

ACTU Secretary, Dave Oliver

Sam McLean, National Director, Getup!

Kerry Rodgers, Registered Nurse

Lyn McIver, Fair Go For Pensioners

Jade Tyrell, Former President, National Union of Students

Maree O’Halloran, NSW Welfare Rights Centre

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