· Shock election result sends ripples across the world
· TPP may be doomed in the USA
· Campaign continues in Australia

The shock election of Donald Trump has sent the world into a spin after he was elected on policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion and gender, and policies that reject the urgent need for government action on climate change.

President-elect Trump did capture disillusionment with proposed trade deals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, an agreement  unions have warned will not deliver jobs and growth.

The Trans Pacific Partnership would give more rights to global corporations and makes it harder for governments to regulate them to act in the public interest.

“It gives global companies the right to bypass national courts and sue governments in unfair international tribunals, makes medicines more expensive, increases the exploitation of vulnerable migrant workers and makes it harder for governments to regulate to prevent climate change,” said Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network.

“The only good news from the Trump election is that the TPP may not happen. But there is still a danger that the current US Congress which sits until Trump takes office in January, could support it.”

No TPP government has yet passed the legislation to implement it while in Australia there is currently a Senate inquiry into the TPP.

“The TPP legislation can be defeated by the majority in the Senate. We must continue our campaign for the Opposition and minor parties to vote against it.” Send a message to defeat the TPP.

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