• Hundreds attend launch of Union Pride at Trades Hall
  • Tiernan Brady commends unions for strong support of LGBTIQ rights
  • Union Pride to focus on LGBTIQ issues for workers

Union activists filled Trades Hall last night to support the launch of Union Pride which will replace Workers Out.

Ian Gallaway, who was involved in Workers Out stated “Workers Out brought together LGBTIQ activists from a range of unions. We marched in Mardi Gras together and proudly represented the diversity of the union movement,”.

Tiernan Brady, political director of Ireland’s Yes Equality campaign, launched Union Pride. He spoke about how trade unionists played a crucial role in the campaign for marriage equality in Ireland.

“Marriage equality is an issue of workers’ rights. For too long LGBTIQ people have felt they had to hide who they were from their work colleagues, unable to talk about their loved ones for fear of marginalisation,” he said.

“Across Australia unionists are at the vanguard of changing this. Talking to your fellow union members about why marriage equality matters changes hearts and minds. International research shows that these conversations in workplaces are vital in increasing support for marriage equality.”

The secretary of Unions NSW Mark Morey, addressed the crowd, declaring his support for the committee.

“Unions have a proud history and commitment of leading the fight to deliver justice and dignity for workers right across the nation. Our movement and Unions NSW tonight reaffirms this commitment to LGBTIQ workers in tonight’s launch of Union Pride”

Sue Verago is a founding Union Pride member and MUA activist. “It’s important that people who experience prejudice are given an opportunity to share their experiences and success stories of what has worked for them or what hasn’t worked for them in their workplace and in their union”, she said. 

“Unions have a long history of standing up for people that the Government neglects. As a movement we must fight for LGBTIQ rights, as our Government still overlooks LGBTIQ issues,” Ms Verago said.


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