Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon has reluctantly conceded that the NSW union movement is pursuing an agenda to boost the number of frontline service workers, including nurses, paramedics, and teachers, as revealed in media reports this morning.

Mr Lennon also admitted that unions were campaigning to keep the state’s power assets in public hands.

Reports this morning indicate that NSW unions are campaigning to:

  • Train 200 specialist primary school teachers;
  • Bring on 840 new nurses, and get the three-patients-to-one-nurse ratio enshrined in law;
  • Keep the state’s power assets under public ownership;
  • Fund 500 new paramedics to service NSW.

“I guess the cat’s out of the bag: unions in NSW are seeking a greater number of frontline service workers across the state,” Mr Lennon said.

“We think patients in our public hospitals should be looked after by an adequate number of nurses. We think children in our public schools should be taught by a sufficient number of teachers. And we think those who find themselves in need of urgent medical attention should be confident there are enough paramedics to look after them in time.

“We also think that the state’s electricity network is better off remaining in public hands. We have a view that a vital monopoly asset is better off being controlled by an elected government, instead of a foreign-owned, for-profit entity.

“I am guessing the fact these union goals are shared by the majority of the NSW population has something to do with how unions are mass organisations, made up of millions of ordinary working Australians. But we’re looking into it.”


Check out The Daily Telegraph article here.

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