Jobs and investment must be the priority

NSW trade unions have taken the historic step of throwing their support behind the construction of a second airport at Badgerys Creek, in Western Sydney.


A full council meeting of Unions NSW last night voted to support the move, subject to an updated Environment Impact Statement, an independent community impact statement and a process of widespread community consultation.


Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said a Badgerys Creek airport was vitally important to securing the State’s growth and delivering quality jobs.


“An airport at Badgerys Creek would be a jobs bonanza. It’s time to elevate this decision above partisan politics and forge a new community consensus to make this happen,” Mr Lennon said.


“If Western Sydney fires the rest of the State’s economy will also take off. Badgery’s Creek is the missing spark. It can deliver the high wage, high productivity jobs our State needs.


“Over the next 15 years, Sydney Airport will struggle to deal with surging demand. Badgerys Creek will ensure Sydney does not lose air traffic to Melbourne


“We’re fortunate that there was enough forethought to keep the land free at Badgerys Creek. Now we need to capitalize on that and begin building Sydney’s second airport.


“It’s time to bring the bickering, blame shifting and excuses to a halt. Badgerys must be built and that process needs to begin.”

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