Pressure from trade unions has prompted job posting website Airtasker to comply with the minimum wage, increasing its recommended hourly rate so that work performed through the platform pays at least $17.70 per hour.

While Unions NSW has declared the move a positive step, the peak union council will continue to push for action on other alarming workplace breaches revealed in its recent discussion paper, Innovation or Exploitation? Busting the Airtasker Myth. 

These include zero provision of superannuation, no workers compensation insurance and no casual or leave loading.

“This initial victory for the trade union movement is heartening, however we will continue to pursue Airtasker, to defend decent standards for work throughout the economy,” said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW. 

“Websites such as Airtasker unpick 150 years of protest and agitation for decent conditions. It’s not only the workers directly engaged in gigs on Airtasker who are affected. By encouraging a race to the bottom, everyone suffers.

“Superannuation, workplace injury insurance and casual loading are core labour conditions. When we meet with Airtasker over the next few weeks, we look forward to hearing how they plan to promote compliance with industrial law. As things presently stand, if someone slipped and cracked their head while performing a cleaning gig through Airtakser, they would have no entitlement to compensation.” 

As recently as August 2016 the rates advertised on the Airtasker website sat below minimum standards, with the hourly rate for admin workers sitting at just $14.45 an hour. Following pressure from the union movement, Airtasker has now updated its recommended rates of pay by up to 45%, encouraging users to advertise work at a minimum rate of $25 an hour.   

Both old and updated rates are outlined in the table below. Workers on the Airtasker platform only receive 85% of the advertised rate for the job (the other 15% is collected by Airtasker as a fee.)

Check out Anna Patty's article in the Sydney Morning Herald for more.


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