The State’s trade unions have warned the Treasurer against engaging in another round of job cuts, warning that the public sector has already been cut to the bone.

Budget projections have forecast a larger than expected deficit of $2.54 billion, with Mike Baird warning that spending cuts are now on the table.


Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said the State was already feeling the effect of deep staffing cuts.


“Fire stations are closing on a daily basis leaving entire communities without protection, thanks to the cuts we have already seen,” Mr Lennon said.


“Meanwhile, community services are in disarray and paramedic response times are blowing out.


“Unbelievably, the State Government thinks it can cut even deeper.


“The Treasurer needs to realise that every dollar he takes from the public sector deepens the State’s social deficit.


“NSW deserves world class services and facilities, but this Government appears to be engaged in a race to the bottom.”

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