Unions NSW has condemned the Government’s move to cut the real wages of public sector workers by burying a wage regulation in budget legislation.

The deceptive act means that superannuation increases owing to public sector workers will be absorbed into the already miserly 2.5 per cent public sector wage cap.

In effect, public sector workers will now have to wear a cut to their real wages worth thousands of dollars a year. 

“Having been repeatedly rebuffed by both the upper house and numerous courts, the State Government has resorted to parliamentary trickery,” Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said.

“This is deceptive action by a Government that is absolutely determined to stop public sector workers maintaining their standard of living.

“Just one week ago, Mike Baird was cooing about the strength of the budget, now he’s trying to fleece firefighters, nurses, teachers and other public sector workers of their pay and smash their job security.

“The Premier may be able to fool the upper house, but he cannot fool 320,000 public sector workers.”

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