Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon has confirmed he has spoken to former NSW Premier and Foreign Minister Bob Carr about the prospect of green bans on the proposed development of the Botanic Gardens.

Mr Lennon said it was vital that the Botanic Gardens were protected.

“Sydney’s Botanic Gardens are among the world’s great public gardens and it is vital they are protected for all Sydneysiders to enjoy,” Mr Lennon said.

“In recent days I have spoken to Bob Carr about how the current plan would significantly damage the beauty and utility of the Gardens.

“I assured Mr Carr the NSW union movement would be flexing every muscle – including our convex abs and ill-defined obliques – to ensure the Botanic Gardens remain an egalitarian space for all the people of NSW to enjoy.”

Mr Lennon said he would be seeking meetings with affiliate unions and green bans legend Jack Mundey in the coming days about the prospect of taking action over the proposed development.

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