Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said for Gladys Berejiklian to be begging Scott Morrison to raise the GST by 50 per cent shows how horrendously out of touch her government is.

“NSW households struggling with the high cost of living simply cannot afford to pay 50 per cent more GST on everything. 

“NSW is the most expensive state in Australia to live. For our government to be actively lobbying to jack up prices on everything is an absurd betrayal.

“Yes, our health services need extra funding. But there are ways of achieving this that don’t involve hammering those who can afford it least on their everyday expenses.

“Why isn’t Gladys Berejiklian lobbying Scott Morrison to force the wealthy to pay a fair rate of tax on their multimillion-dollar superannuation savings? Why aren’t we talking about making sure corporations pay their share? Why aren’t we talking about negative gearing or any of the other lurks the wealthy use to avoid paying tax? 

“If you want to raise money for NSW health that’s fine, but don’t go after ordinary struggling households first.

“We know Australia’s millionaires are often not paying any tax at all. How about tightening the screws on them before you start jacking up the grocery bills for working families?

“Attempting to find additional funding for health services is a worthy aim, but any attempts at tax reform should be considered holistically. Simply dialing up the GST is not a fair or sensible option.” 

The Treasurer revealed her plans in an article for the Sydney Morning Herald. Read more here.

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