Unions NSW attended the Parliamentary Inquiry into Compulsory Third Party Insurance on Friday, 17 June 2016. 

Unions NSW called upon the Parliament Law and Justice Committee to extend liability under CTP to at fault workers on their journey to and from work and to provide employment protections for workers injured in motor accidents.

Mark Morey, Secretary Unions NSW said with the cuts to workers compensation journey coverage in 2012, we have seen thousands of workers bear the costs of at fault motor accidents.

“A significant gap in coverage has emerged for when many people use their car the most, on the way to and from work”

Unions NSW is asking for the translation of the protections available under the workers compensation system to be applied to workers injured in motor accidents.

“These protections enable workers to have a job to go back to without being sacked as a consequence of a motor vehicle accident.”

“By ensuring workers can get back to work also helps the CTP system by reducing the economic loss to workers.”

Unions NSW Assistant Secretary Emma Maiden presented to the inquiry and rejected any moves to cap timeframes.

“While we support the extension of liability of CTP to “at fault claims” to plug the gap, we do not support the capping of claim timeframes as our experience with workers compensation where this model is applied is that the injured are left bearing the costs.”

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