Unions NSW has today expressed solidarity with trade unions in Queensland, as they mark the one year anniversary of the election of Campbell Newman.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said working people on both sides of the Tweed faced the common threat of attacks on jobs, rights and services.

“The similarities between Campbell Newman and Barry O’Farrell are not an accident. Both of these conservative premiers are operating from the same playbook,” Mr Lennon said.

“We have seen 14,000 public sector jobs slashed in Queensland – 15,000 in New South Wales.

“There is a common agenda being pursued. The mass sacking of public sector workers, serious infringement on workplace rights and a sustained attack on community services.

“If anyone is in any doubt about what Tony Abbott has in store for working people in Australia, they need only look at what his close friends in NSW and Queensland have already done.

“Working people in NSW and Queensland will continue to stick up for decent wages, services and rights. We will resist the conservative agenda of simply giving leg-ups and handouts to the big end of town.”

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