Over the past 2 weeks Unions NSW has been busy all over the state, talking to the people to find out exactly what they think of the O’Farrell Government. Unions NSW has been at fairs and stalls, train stations and parks, asking people to fill out the scorecard for the government.


The scorecard, which has also been available in an online version, asked people to rate the government with 9 key questions:

  1. Investment in Jobs
  2. Investment in Health
  3. Investment in Education
  4. Investment in Transport
  5. Investment in Infrastructure
  6. Keeping Vital Assets in Public Hands
  7. Looking After Workers and the Community
  8. An Overall Score for their Local MP
  9. An Overall Score for the O’Farrell Government

And here we have it, the Scorecard Results:

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 7.32.10 PM

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