The temperature in NSW is forecasted to reach 43 degrees today with up to 35 km/h winds.

Work in these circumstances will pose significant work health and safety risks.

Unions NSW are calling on employers to take the necessary precautions today to make sure their employees are not placed at risk.


Unions NSW recommend that employers carry out a risk assessment in workplaces where employees are exposed.

Some workers may be exposed to the extreme risk of heat stress, particularly those who work outdoors or in environments where there is poor ventilation or radiated heat.

It is recommended that physical activity should be severely curtailed. Workers should be provided with sufficient rest and recovery time and drink a cup of water every 10-15 minutes.

Organisations should ensure that all risk assessments are conducted and reviewed by the Health and Safety Committee representatives


It is recommended if temperatures reach 38degress and workers are exposed to heat stress a risk assessment should be conducted immediately.


Any further enquiries, please contact your union delegate or elected workplace Health and Safety representative.

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