A full meeting of Unions NSW — the State’s peak trade union body — tonight voted unanimously to lift the suspension of the NSW Branch of the Health Services Union following an independent review into governance policies and procedures.

The decision came 14 months after the HSU’s affiliation to Unions NSW was suspended following serious allegations of corruption and financial mismanagement.

Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon said the decision had been made to suspend the HSU until governance issues had reached a standard acceptable to Unions NSW, which has now occurred according to an independent report from KPMG.

The motion, which was unanimously supported by union delegates tonight, also included a requirement for an updated review of governance practices at the HSU NSW Branch to be undertaken in twelve months time, as recommended by KPMG.

“The decision last year to suspend the HSU was not taken lightly, but it was the view of Unions NSW that it was in the interest of not only HSU members around the state, but all working people, that this action occur,” Mr Lennon said.

“It has been extremely encouraging to see the new leadership team at the HSU actively work to address these governance issues, including fully implementing the recommendations of the inquiry into the union conducted by Ian Temby QC.

“The reaffiliation of the HSU — with its new, open, transparent, democratic governance practices — will play a vital part in ensuring working people have a strong, united voice fighting for jobs, rights and services across NSW.”

The lifting of the suspension of the HSU NSW Branch will be effective from 1 July 2013.

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