Professor Tim Driscoll talks about the need to update the Deemed Diseases list for workers compensation and how this tool will could be used to focus prevention.

Professor Tim Driscoll

Professor Tim Driscoll reported on the project that he conducted for Safe Work Australia on Deemed Diseases.

The report commissioned by Safe Work Australia had identified that very minimal changes had been made to the deemed disease list in different state jurisdictions in the last three decades despite evidence of significant workplace cause of these diseases generally or in specific occupations or industries. Professor Driscoll explained in his presentation the criteria for the acceptance of a disease as a deemed disease and the standard that was establish in order to qualify.

The study effectively reverses the onus of proof of liability for certain diseases based on exposure levels and enables easier access for injured and ill workers to workers compensation support when diagnosed with a deemed disease.

Unions NSW Assistant Secretary Emma Maiden said, "We welcome the contribution that the research Professor Driscoll has done on deemed diseases."

"We now need to ensure that workers compensation systems update their claims management practices to enable greater support for these workers when they need it most. Unions NSW has written to the workers compensation administrator in NSW ICARE to request that this important research is mandatory applied to ill workers in NSW"

Unions NSW Safety Officer Shay Deguara said, " We also hope that with these claims now being easier to claim that the safety regulator will be able to ensure that employers are aware of the costs of not minimising exposure to the disease causing hazards."

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