• Report opens up public debate on gig-economy
  • Airtasker CEO to meet with unions
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The Unions NSW report Innovation or Exploitation | Busting the Airtasker Myth has sparked a public debate about the impact of the gig-economy on labour standards.

And media coverage of the employment practices of Airtasker has opened the door to talks with CEO, Tim Fung.

The report explores the ways Airtasker uses the cloak of ‘innovation’ to pursue archaic labour practices. Airtasker uses the ‘independent contractor’ label to circumvent minimum wages, workers compensation and basic safety nets, pitting workers against each other in reverse auctions for work. 

Unions NSW Assistant Secretary Thomas Costa said Mr Fung was yet to explain why work performed through his website should not comply with workplace laws developed over 150 years. 

“The online space has turned into the wild west of workplace relations. People think if you put a up a website you don’t need to follow the law. That’s what we are trying to stop.

“Mr Fung says he is all about creating options for workers in terms of where they can find work so we’re hoping he’s also about ensuring minimum standards and safety nets are in place when they do. We can help him achieve that. If not then we’ll revisit our legal options and ramp up our media and online campaign.

“We are not going to sit back and allow workplace disadvantage to run rife on the internet just because it’s not a traditional workplace. Laws exist in the real world, they need to be adhered to in the online world too,” Mr Costa said.

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