Thursday, 26 February 2015

Unions NSW Mark Lennon has vowed to continue supporting the majority of NSW workers in their efforts to save the state’s power assets from privatisation. 

“I’m happy to keep having the debate about whether selling off the public’s power assets is a good idea every single day right up until the election,” Mr Lennon said.

“I’m not going anywhere and - far more importantly - the thousands upon thousands of workers who are passionate about this issue will not be going anywhere.

“I won’t be a prop in campaign stunts organised by Mr Constance, because such a stunt misses the point. What those in the Liberal Party don’t seem to understand yet is this is not an ego-battle between individuals. It is about millions of people across New South Wales who do not want their profitable power assets privatised and sold to foreign interests.

“What Mr Constance and Mr Baird need to realise is that their problem is not with me or with Unions NSW - it is with working people who are very reasonably opposed to their misguided power privatisation plan.

“They would do far better to actually listen to the public, rather than try to demonise unions who are only giving voice to the sentiment of workers.”

Further comment: Mark Lennon 0427 231 800
Further info: Saoirse Connolly 0437 048 169


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