Unions will be on alert this Easter long weekend for breaches of penalty rates, particularly among young workers.


Unions NSW is calling on all workers who have to work between Good Friday and Easter Monday to check they are being paid proper public holiday rates.


Typically, employees rostered to work on a public holiday are entitled to a penalty rate of double time and half, though it will vary according to the employee’s particular award or agreement.


“We’d obviously prefer if all workers could spend the Easter long weekend with their nearest and dearest, striking a happy work-life balance,” Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said.


“But for those who do have to work, it’s important they check their payslip or roster to ensure they’re being paid correctly.


“If you’re in any doubt, check with your union.”


Mr Lennon said employees who didn’t have to work the long weekend should take the opportunity to have a proper break.


“It’s important that people take the opportunity to have a digital detox.,” he said.


“That means turning off work email and getting a proper break from work calls.


“We’d also encourage everyone to spare a thought for the workers across all sectors of the economy who have to work while the rest of us enjoy a hard earned long weekend.”


Further comment: Mark Lennon 0427 231 800

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