The Penrith Valley Community Unions are planning to launch a concentrated attack on what they see as a swathe of plans to privatise or sell state services.
By Elisha Pearce in the Penrith City Gazette 

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A group of Nepean-area members from a range of unions are planning a combined door-knocking, phone-calling, leaflet-dropping voter education spree after taking hope from the Victorian and Queensland state election that the public will listen.

They believe if people understood what they would be losing if certain government promises were implemented they wouldn’t support the decisions.

Core to their campaign is the belief that privatisation of 49 per cent of the electricity network and allowing more private funding into TAFE-level education will diminish service and put shareholder values above the needs of the state.

Already they have scheduled a forum on February 17 at Penrith RSL which will allow members of the public to ask Penrith, Mulgoa and Londonderry candidates questions.

Candidates will also be asked to sign a pledge with declarations for expanded public services owned by the state, public works construction, maintaining public holidays and weekend rates and restoring rights to sick and injured workers.

The group intends to combine the many union privatisation and budget cut messages under the one banner, ‘NSW is not for sale’ in a bid to capture the public’s imagination.

The PVCU has a sophisticated plan to train people in the nuts and bolts of each issue before making thousands of phone calls to enlist support from Labor voters and attempt to convince undecided voters of their cause.

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