Unions NSW has written to the CEO of Nike Australia, requesting urgent answers about the company’s Indonesian labour practices, following disturbing reports on ABC Radio this morning.


According to the ABC’s AM program, workers have been coerced by military personnel into signing a petition against the payment of the minimum wage at one of Nike’s manufacturers in the west Java city of Sukabumi.


Unions NSW Acting Secretary, Chris Christodoulou called on the company’s Australian management to make clear to Australian workers and consumers whether it supported basic labour rights.


“This morning’s report on the ABC was absolutely sickening to anyone who believes in basic standards of decency and justice,” Mr Christodoulou said.


“The minimum wage for these Indonesian workers is only $4 a day, but if these reports are correct, these workers have been denied even that.


“Even worse, they’ve been intimidated by military officers.


“Nike is a very popular brand in Australia and today I have written to the company’s Australian management requesting that the company ensure these workers get the minimum wage.


“We will intensify this campaign if we don’t get satisfactory answers.”

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