The NSW Government has today sacked a crew of maintenance workers who were employed for upkeep of stadiums, outsourcing their work to labour hire firms.

Just before Christmas, The State Government and SCG Trust gave assurances the jobs were not under threat after unions blew the whistle on the State Government's appalling mistreatment of the workers.



But with the State Election now out of the way, the NSW Government has pushed ahead with the sacking, despite ongoing demand for their work.

“This is a heartless act from a deeply cynical Government,” said Justin Page, ETU NSW Secretary. 

“With an election out of the way, the Liberals clearly feel emboldened to resume their agenda of gutting public jobs and replacing them with labour hire. 

“The destruction of Allianz Stadium is just an excuse to cut costs. We know this because the work performed by this maintenance crew will still be performed, just without job security. 

“We will be fighting this act of industrial bastardry in the Industrial Relations Commission.

Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Morey said:

“Having won an election, the LIberals have now conveniently forgotten their commitments.

“The Liberals true colours are now shining through - sacking committed, highly trained public workers and replacing them with insecure labour hire.

“If anybody needs evidence of why wages are not rising in this country, they need look no further than the nation’s largest employer, the NSW Government.”

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June 7, 2019

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