The State's peak council for trade unions will fiercely resist a new sell-off spree and increased user pays taxes, flagged by the Treasurer in today's Sydney Morning Herald.


When asked if he had plans for further privatisation, Dominic Perrottet told the SMH: "Absolutely."

The response demonstrates the NSW Government's misguided starting point of preferring to privatising assets for their banking mates rather than improving service provision, generating jobs or economic growth in regional NSW .

"For the NSW Government there is no question that is not answered with privatisation. They are a one trick pony," said Mark Morey, Unions NSW Secretary.

"The sole aim of this Government is to look after the interests of merchant banks and the top end of town. It's no wonder they are obsessed with sell-offs.

"What the Government won't discuss is the cost of privatisation. Every time we sell an asset, we lose its value and revenue from the State's balance sheet.

"We also lose the capacity to intervene. Just ask South Australians about the long term effect of privatising energy as they deal with semi-regular black outs. NSW could soon be similarly hamstrung across a whole range of industries.

"The proceeds of these sales are not benefitting all. Regional NSW is receiving less than one-fifth of new infrastructure spending, despite huge swathes of the State having recorded no economic growth in the last five years.

"Faced with the option, this government always tips the scales towards those who are already doing well rather than investing in all of us.

"The trade union movement will fight further sell-offs from a government of sell-outs."


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