Unions NSW congratulates Minister Perrottet’s announcement to fund $250 million for voluntary buy back of houses containing loose fill asbestos.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said loose fill asbestos has been filtering into peoples’ houses for decades, putting the lives of residents and tradespeople working on these houses at risk.

“We’ve all heard the horror stories of loose fill asbestos totally contaminating homes.

“We hope that the homeowners in NSW who have this deadly building material in their homes will now be able to make plans to purchase new residences, and start a new chapter, without fear of their home asset being written off.

“Whilst we welcome the $250 million dollars, we hope that there is a commitment to extend the finance to people who may become aware of loose fill asbestos in their homes in the future,” Mr Lennon Said.

“Mr Fluffy asbestos unfortunately is a symptom of the poor management of Australia’s larger asbestos problem. 

“Sadly we are reminded of our legacy as the largest consumer of asbestos per capita in the world with new and emerging stories of asbestos victims in the media almost daily. Asbestos contaminates our homes, our parks, our schools and hospitals and our workplaces.” 

Unions NSW is calling on the state government to put aside part of the budget surplus to begin addressing this legacy by setting up an asbestos eradication fund.

“Removal of asbestos is the only way to stop future generations succumbing to asbestos disease.

“Money is the only thing stopping the eradication of asbestos from the community and with a budget surplus of $2.1 billion it’s about time we prioritised its removal from our schools, hospitals, parks, workplaces, and homes.”

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