NSW unions will staunchly oppose moves by the NSW Business Chamber to cut the wages and conditions of small business workers by varying modern awards. 

The NSW Business Chamber aims to cut people’s penalty rates, make them work longer hours and on weekends for less money and take away their hard-won rights at work.

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon said this would be the thin edge of the wedge for small business workers and set a precedent for other employers to follow.

“This just shows what is really at the heart of employers’ agenda. Introducing user-friendly rules is just code for cutting wages and conditions.

“Provisions such as employers having the right to vary agreements unilaterally are particularly disturbing for workers and something the union movement will staunchly oppose.

“We don’t believe any employer should be exempt from upholding workplace rights. The fundamental principle is that employees should have the same rights and entitlements no matter the size of the employer.

“This is just another attempt by an out-of-touch business group intent on dismantling an entire workplace relations system and taking away our rights at work.”

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