Research Analyst


United Voice is a union of workers building industry and political power to win real change in workplaces, industries and people’s lives.  Workers’ voice, activism and leadership are central, and essential, to winning.

 Research analysts work as members of industry campaign teams. Their role is to inform industry and campaign strategy through development of a strong industry and corporate research base, and to respond to ongoing industry and campaign research needs.


The key duties of this position are to:

 Industry and corporate research

  • Undertake research on industries, including broad industry wide research as well as research on specific companies and issues, by drawing on corporate, industry, financial, economic, policy and other information and data.
  • Monitor economic, industrial, environmental and social performance, outlook and trends of industries and companies.
  • Prepare strategic research and campaign advice, reports and publications.

 Database management

  • Develop and maintain industry and campaign databases, by working with Branch based and other National Office staff as necessary.
  • Prepare analyses and reports on the information held in the database as required.

 Industry team

  • Contribute as a member of an industry team to the development and implementation of strategies to build workers’ power and win industry reforms.
  • Prepare strategic reports drawing on corporate and industry research and the database for presentation to Strategy and Operational lead meetings, as well as for meetings with external stakeholders (including companies, industry associations and government).
  • Work with United Voice officials and members to develop key policy positions.
  • Represent policy positions to employers and stakeholder forums.
  • Contribute to the development of strategic research capacity within the United Voice by skill sharing with researchers in other industry teams.


 The skills, knowledge and abilities required for this position are:

  • Strong analytical skills, and an ability to source a wide range of corporate, industry, financial, economic and policy data and synthesise relevant facts and issues. Attention to detail.
  • Strong ability to quickly form and maintain relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Good understanding of corporate structures, economic issues, and policy and regulatory frameworks.
  • Ability to map and analyse industries, and identify and profile key stakeholders, issues and trends.
  • Capable of working effectively in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills, including the ability prepare easily readable research and campaign reports, campaign publications and communication materials, as well as prepare and deliver presentations.
  • Good knowledge of office information technology applications, including spreadsheet, database, graphics and presentation software (in particular, Access and Excel).
  • Demonstrated commitment to the union's values – fairness, compassion, equity and the dignity of workers.

 Previous experience in financial analysis or corporate research and previous campaign experience is an advantage.



University qualifications are preferred for this position.


To apply please send a cover letter addressing the selection criteria and your CV to Julie.sprake@unitedvoice.org.au

 Applications Close 28 November 2014

This position is located at Redfern NSW

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United Voice National Office, REDFERN NSW

Closing Date

Friday, November 28, 2014

Closing Time

07:00 PM


303 Cleveland St
Redfern, NSW 2016

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Julie Sprake

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