Simon Wade, who has been an IT worker at UTS for 16 years, was suspended on Tuesday for “serious misconduct”, which is the latest in the harassment from management he’s been dealt since less than a year ago when he was elected branch president and has been on the enterprise bargaining committee.

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Management handed him a letter in the corridor, alleging serious misconduct. This happened after Simon had responded to a management directive to meet with only two hours notice by requesting a reasonable time frame to meet in order to arrange an NTEU support person, and requesting advice as to the nature of the meeting.

This move comes after months of Simon being targeted in his workplace due to his involvement in enterprise bargaining on behalf of UTS staff. These attacks led to a hearing in the Fair Work Commission in September where protocols were established to provide for Simon’s attendance at the bargaining table. Despite these protocols the attacks continued unabated.

Staff and elected officials at the NTEU Branch and Division level are working to support Simon in refuting these allegations and to challenge the broader attack on the rights of members at UTS to be active in the NTEU. The work that is being done by Simon, and other people like Simon, to defend staff conditions against management’s attempt to avoid fair process and procedures, and remove any accountability for its decision making, is vital to ensuring UTS is a workplace where staff are treated with respect.

Please attend Monday’s rally take two minutes to sign the online petition which demands that UTS management follow the proper process in relation to Simon’s case – including lifting his suspension while the allegations are investigated – and that UTS respect the right of staff to organise in a trade union.

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