The State Government's use of consultants has blown out by more than 30 per cent to $150 million per year, new figures reveal.

According to Fairfax, analysis of documents filed in Parliament shows the State Government spending an average of $3 million a week on external consultants for the past two years.

That amount exceeds the total yearly budget of several government departments, including State Emergency Services and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, which have annual budgets of less than $130 million.

Unions NSW said the revelation was disturbing, yet unsurprising.

"This Government has been on a sacking spree across the public sector in the name of finding savings, yet now it turns out resources are just being ploughed back into hiring expensive consultants," said Mark Morey, Secretary of Unions NSW.

"This is exactly what we warned of when the Government began its war of attrition against loyal, hardworking public sector workers five years ago.

"The problem with hiring consultants is you end up in a dependent relationship. They hold all of the knowledge and expertise while in-house resources are gradually hollowed out.

"The sad things is many of these consultants are former Government employees shown the door in name of "efficiency". This is no way to run a sophisticated public sector."

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