Join the fight to Build a Better Future

For too long now, the Central Coast has been taken for granted by the local Liberal MP’s Karen McNamara and Lucy Wicks. They have chosen to ignore the concerns locals have around the cuts to penalty rates or address the dangers of the China Free Trade. They have turned a blind eye to finding solutions to rising commute times to and from work. And when it comes to funding Gonski – they are merely offering lip service.

If you have had enough and believe our politicians aren’t doing enough to find solutions to these issues, the first step is to make enough noise and to ensure our politicians can no longer ignore the community.

Together we can change the conversation and find solutions that will Build A Better Future here on the coast. A job this big cannot be done alone, we need to work together and need you to join us.

Don't ignore the call, volunteer now on the Central Coast!  

Will you volunteer?