Our living standards are what make Australia a great place to live and now they are under significant attack.

Union members in workplaces across Australia are voting to support a demand on all governments and our employers.

We want a different Australia, one where our living standards are protected.

We demand our governments’ support:

1. Workers’ Rights: Defended and extended with secure jobs. 
2. Medicare: Universal healthcare for all Australians.
3. Education: The highest quality for all Australians. 
4. Public Services: Owned by everyone for the benefit of everyone.
5. A Secure Retirement: Decent pensions and superannuation.
6. A Fair Go For All: Everyone supported and everyone contributes their fair share of tax.

How can you get involved?

Sign up to volunteer in your local area here and help to Build a Better Future.

Then head on over to our Build a Better Future resource page to download flyers and petitions to use in the workplace.


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