Movement unites on paid domestic violence leave

This year the NSW union movement joined the We Won’t Wait campaign, putting paid domestic violence leave on the national agenda. The campaign aimed to increase pressure on Premier Mike Baird to support 10 days paid domestic violence leave in the National Employment Standards.

Campaigning included rallies, stunts and lobbying, culminating in 16 days of action in which more than 20 unions held over 160 actions in the lead up to the Council of Australian Governments meeting on December 9.

While the federal government failed to enact domestic violence leave, the campaign will continue. More than 8200 workers from waterfronts to building sites, libraries to warehouses, hospitality to hospitals have joined the effort.

Sign the petition or get involved in the campaign by heading to our resources page for more information. )can you delete the calendar of events and anything else out of date on the resources page.) 

Everyday front line workers see the impact of domestic violence. Here they reflect on why paid domestic violence leave is so important in ensuring women and children subjected to violence can access the time and support they need.


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