A major component of working life for many workers is shiftwork, including nights, weekends and public holidays. When you work unsociable hours, miss out on time with family and friends and subject your body to the stresses of shiftwork, you deserve to be compensated – which is why penalty rates exist.


But here’s the worrying truth: Tony Abbot is on record as supporting the elimination of penalty rates. Big business is sending him a loud message to make cutting penalty rates a priority should he be elected. However, if enough of us make our voices heard during the election campaign, penalty rates can be protected.

Leah works at a young women’s refuge in Sydney, which is a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year concern. The staff of course are paid penalty rates for the shiftwork they do. The young women who come to the refuge have suffered significant trauma and Leah works to support them so they can recover and grow into independent, confident women.

Check out her story.

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