More than 100 women will meet for a three day conference in Sydney’s Trades Hall to iron out the issues women face in male dominated occupations and industries. 

The WIMDOI conference, now in its 21st year, aims to organise and support women activists in jobs where the majority of workers are male. 

Unions NSW Assistant Secretary Emma Maiden said the conference had helped to inspire thousands of women over the past two decades.

“These brave and hardworking women face a range of unique issues including discrimination, bullying and harassment, isolation and intimidation.

“The conference provides a space for these women to network and share their experiences as well as discuss ways to break down the barriers that prevent more female participation in these occupations.

“The aim is to equip them with the information and inspiration they need to return to their workplaces and represent, support and organise the other women they work with on a range of issues including workplace rights, pregnancy and discrimination, occupational health and safety, retirement savings and equal pay.”

The conference comes a week after a UN Women report found that women are still behind on pay, career and home help.

“The reality is women are working harder, for longer and for a lot less than their male counterparts. It’s time women’s issues were put high on the agenda.”

There will be a number of women from a range of industries happy to share their stories over the course of the conference.

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