Day by day the Coalitions plan for workplace laws should they win government on September 7 become more evident.

Firstly there is Coalition Shadow IR Minister Eric Abetz and his comments about having to show some ” productivity trade off ” - code for cuts to wages and conditions – as the means for workers getting decent pay rises.

Then there is the Liberal candidate for Gilmore Ann Sudmalis saying at a candidates forum in answer to a question on workplace policy:

Any workplace relations legislation is on the table after the election not before, so sorry I can’t answer your question.

“It is exactly as it is right now right through to the election and it will be reviewed after the election and that has been made perfectly clear to everybody.”

Now there is the announcement that a Coalition government will not support a government funded pay increase for 350,000 aged care workers that was to be delivered through collective bargaining agreements

All of this in addition to their already announced policies on reviewing penalty rates, expanding the use of individual flexibility agreements, restoring the ABCC and weakening the independent umpire.

Weave all the threads together and what do you have – WorkChoices Mark II

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