Unions to continue campaign for sick and injured workers

The State Government’s backdown on unfair changes to workers’ compensation does not go far enough and should be expanded to include all medical costs as well as restoring full cover for injuries suffered on the way to and from work, according to Unions NSW.


The Government has recognised that it went too far when it attacked the rights of sick and injured workers a little over two years ago, today announcing that some benefits would be restored for some injured workers including amputees and those with hearing loss.


Unions NSW Secretary, Mark Lennon said that the Government had now explicitly recognised the unfairness of the changes and should move to fully restore all benefits.


“We have been campaigning against these changes since they were introduced, so it’s heartening to see this limited back down from the Government. Unofrtunately, it doesn’t go nearly far enough,” Mr Lennon said.


“We said all along that the Government was scaremongering about the Workcover deficit and it turns out we were correct.


“Today’s announcement only includes limited reintroduction of benefits for the most seriously injured.. As anyone familiar with workers compensation know, there are many, many more people suffering from injury or illness sustained at work who need assistance.


“It remains the case that the Government is still putting the needs of employer and insurers ahead of sick and injured workers. Our campaign will continue right up until the State election.”

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