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The NSW workers compensation scheme is about $1 billion in surplus and employers have enjoyed a 17.5% reduction in premiums since the 2012 cuts to workers compensation. Yet at the same time, injured workers have had access to medical and rehab support and weekly payments reduced.

This isn’t good enough, and it’s not how a Government should be treating injured workers.

The Government knows their workers compensation laws are unfair. This is why they’ve introduced minor changes and heard unanimous recommendations for change from their own Law and Justice Committee. 

The Government should act to immediately restore justice for all injured workers 

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we need to get the wages put back as i have been on compo for 6 yrs when i was working i was making close to $95000 yr and now because of a work place accident that was someone elses fault and bad placement now i get around about $35000 a yr they took my payments of me for about 4 months and i had to live on centrelink payment of $220 a week because i dont meet the 20 points for disabled pension with my 3 bulging disc in the lower back and depression because i can not give my kids what they need and nobody will give me a job as i am still on limited hours and they have also taken half of my wifes carers pension for our very badly disabled son because i am on compo and i am not working so now i am doing it hard and can not do any thing about it so my my other kids are suffering because of it so someone needs to do something quick to fix this because i and many other are sick to death of the rich getting richer by ripping of injured workers

| 2014-10-09 14:05:02 +1100

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To the NSW Parliament

We the undersigned are sick of the mistreatment of injured workers by this Government. 

Given the large and growing surplus in the workers compensation scheme, we call on the NSW Government to act quickly, and before the State Election, to restore lifetime medical expenses for treatment arising out of an illness or injury for all injured workers.

We firmly believe that more changes are needed to restore justice to injured workers. However as concerned citizens, we feel this one change will be an important and symbolic first step.

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