Over 4000 workers turned out in force to protest the Abbott government's Free Trade Agreement with China.

Workers from across multiple industries rallied on Friday afternoon to bring to light their concerns about Tony Abbott's Free Trade Agreement with China.

This free trade deal was negotiated in secret and it's not a good deal for workers. All unions present made it clear that their fight is not with foreign workers, but with the Abbott Government and their business mates who benefit from this deal at the expense of workers.

This trade agreement that has been negotiated behind closed doors will allow:

  • Chinese companies to bring in an entire workforce from overseas for projects worth over $150 million with as little as a 15% stake in that project and without even advertising for local workers first.
  • It could cost as many as 158,000 local jobs because of cheap Chinese imports that are unfairly subsidised and do not meet Australian standards. Half of Australian businesses surveyed say the deal will hurt them and only 11% say it will help.
  • The agreement will allow Chinese companies to sue Australian governments that pass laws which affect their profits. This is how Phillip Morris has been able to sue us for plain cigarette packaging laws that are saving lives.
  • This trade deal has no commitments to respect workers’ rights. China is one of the ten worst places to be a worker according to the international trade union movement.

Read more about the China Australia Free Trade Agreement here.

Unionists and activists across Australia will continue to fight to stop the China FTA from stripping down our hard fought for rights, safety, standards and conditions.

If you were unable to make it to the rally, please sign the petition to stop the China FTA.

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