5 Things You Need to Know About the Nationals and Manufacturing in NSW

  • Offshored Train Manufacturing

    The Nationals have voted against building NSW trains in Australia. The new intercity rail fleet was built in South Korea and major safety defects were found in the train carriages when they were imported. The new suburban “Waratah” trains were built in China and the new metro trains were built India. We used to build trains in Hunter, but the Nationals and Liberals have teamed up to abandon local train manufacturing.

  • Won’t Support Make it Local Policy

    NSW Labor has announced policies to support NSW manufacturing. This includes industry plans for regions like the Hunter and local manufacturing requirements. But the Nationals have failed to support these policies. NSW Ferries, buses and trains have all been built overseas while the Nationals have been in Government.

  • Offshored Bus Manufacturing

    The Nationals voted against local manufacturing of buses. Buses for the B-Line bus system were imported from Malaysia and in 2018 the last bus manufacturer in NSW closed. 161 workers lost their jobs when Custom Buses closed and the Nationals did nothing.

  • Offshored Ferry Manufacturing

    Once again in December 2020, the NSW Government decided to import ferries from China, rather than building wholly in NSW. The Nationals did nothing. Ferry-building capacity exists in the Hunter, but instead the Nationals are letting the NSW manufacturing industry die. 

  • Imported Steel

    Up to 50% of steel used in NSW Government projects is imported from overseas. This means less work for Australian steel workers and industry.