No one should be forced to work in dangerous bushfire smoke

Act Now: NSW Government should protect everyone with new workplace safety standards

NSW Work Health and Safety standards are not fit for purpose in this changing climate. The current standards don’t even mention outdoor air quality or bushfire smoke.

No one should have to work in dangerous bushfire smoke without protection. Work Health & Safety Rules must be overhauled to protect us all from dangerous smoke​.

Add your name to petition to say no one should have to breathe in dangerous bushfire smoke. 

Stop Workplace Deaths from Lung Disease

Be part of the campaign to stop Asbestos and crack down on the new silent killer – Silicosis

NSW Workers are still dying from lung diseases like asbestos and the new silent killer, silicosis. Sadly, we have seen a surge in the number of cases of silicosis in recent years.

Di White is the mother of two sons who have been hit by silicosis, one of whom sadly passed away. You can listen to here story here.

Fine dust particles from cutting caesarstone kitchen benchtops is one of the leading causes of silicosis. However, workers in other industries like tunnel boring and demolitions are also exposed. With the number of deaths on the rise, it shows that current practices are not safe enough.

No one should be at risk of lung disease from simply going to work. Join the campaign to fight for real action!

Stop Wage Theft

Be part of the campaign to crack down on wage theft

Recent high profile cases, like celebrity chef and Masterchef host George Calombaris, have shown that wage theft is all too common in Australia – and punishment is not.

If you steal from your employer, you can be imprisoned in NSW. But if your boss steals your wages, they get a slap on the wrist. It’s one standard for big business and another standard for the rest of us.

Join our campaign for tough new penalties and gaol time for wage thieves.

Stop the Sell Offs! No Privatisation

$70 billion of public assets have been sold off and privatised,
but over $500 billion more are at risk

Privatisation Is Not Over

The Berejiklian Government has already flagged more privatisations. Over $500 billion in public assets are at risk. This includes the remaining 50 per cent of the electricity network (the half which has not been privatised), most public hospitals, water services, and most roads and public transport services.

We Can Stop This

In 2017 the NSW Liberals and Nationals tried to privatise 5 regional hospitals. We built a people-powered campaign to defeat their plans – and we won! Find about more about this win here.

We Must Stop Privatisation For Good

From your nearest public hospital to the water the comes out of your tap, the stakes are high if we don’t stop the sell offs. The majority of NSW is against privatisation – but a silent majority. If enough people make their voices heard and take action we can stop privatisations and sell offs. The Berejiklian Government will stop if it fears it will lose power or lose an election over this issue. If we don’t stop privatisation, we will all be worse off. Future generations will be worse off. We will pay higher prices for worse services. Join the campaign below before it’s too late.

What Is Your Time Worth

You have rights and protections at work. Here a three facts to ensure you know yours:

Fact #1 – You Should Always Recieve a Payslip

Every time you get paid, your boss is legally required to issue a payslip no later than one day after payday. Your payslip is the key to ensuring that you are receiving the correct pay and entitlements for the work you do. This is what info a payslip should include. 

Fact #2 – You are entitled to a minimum rate of pay

These are set out in Awards and determined by the Fair Work Commission. The national minimum hourly rate is $19.49 for permanent employees, and $24.36 for casual employees.

Depending on your industry, you may be entitled to a higher rate of pay.

Here are the minimum rates of pay for casual workers, including junior rates. Click here to view the mandarin version.

Fact #3 – You should receive superannuation and other entitlements

Superannuation is a compulsory payment to be made by your boss and is in addition to your pay. These payments are made to a superannuation fund throughout your working life and funds your retirement. If you are employed on a permanent part-time or full-time basis, you are entitled to annual leave and sick leave.

Maximum hours, meal breaks and time between shifts are all set out in your relevant award.

Use this pay calculator to find your award and your hourly rates of pay and entitlements: https://calculate.fairwork.gov.au/findyouraward

What Next?

If you are unsure about your rights at work, or your payslip or pay rate doesn’t match the above information, call 1300 486 466 immediately. To find out more or be kept in the loop enter the form below.

Make NSW Hospitals Safe

Campaign to make hospitals safe for

staff, patients and the community

Our NSW public health system has become unsafe with up to 40 people assaulted in our hospitals every month. There are not enough security staff at our public hospitals to deter violent incidents or step in to stop injuries before it is too late.

We need more Hospital Security Officers with pro-active powers under the Health Services Act and appropriate defensive equipment to keep us safe in our NSW public health system

Sign the petition to call on the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, to make our hospitals safe. Staff and visitors should not become patients due to being assaulted or threatened.

If you would like to be more actively involved, please get in touch with us.

We Wont Wait

A call for 10 days paid domestic violence leave

The We Won’t Wait campaign for paid domestic violence leave has placed pressure on the NSW Government to successfully win an entitlement to 10 days paid leave for NSW Public Sector employees. This was a significant win, but the push to see make it a universal entitlement and included in the National Employment Standards continues.

Why is this important? In Australia a woman dies every week because of family and domestic violence. Family and domestic violence is the leading cause of death, disability and illness among women aged 15-44 years, greater than cancer or heart disease. And yet access to paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave is limited.

Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave means a woman can access support services so she can leave a violent situation. She can attend court, doctor’s appointments, meet with real estate agents, change her children’s school, all without the fear of losing her job.

Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave will save lives. To get involved in this life changing campaign contact us here.

Sign the petition here: https://www.megaphone.org.au/petitions/we-won-t-wait-because-women-can-t-wait

Stop Cutting

Workers Comp

The NSW government made cuts to workers compensation in 2012. The government said the fund was unsustainable and cut benefits to injured workers, with 4,000 workers cut off on Boxing Day 2017. However, we know the government is actually sitting on a growing surplus of $2.4 billion, yet the government continues to cut benefits to these injured workers.

This money is there to help workers who have been injured at work – it should be used to do that. The NSW Government can afford workers compensation – it just doesn’t believe people are entitled to it. 

There is also speculation the NSW Government has plans to privatise its workers compensation scheme. The welfare of the injured and vulnerable should not be in the hands of private for-profit companies. Sign our petition to demand the government commit to keeping workers comp in public hands and restore benefits to injured workers.

Change the Rules Campaign

The system is broken for everyday Australians,
we need to bring back fairness in the workplace.


Over the last 30 years we have been told that the profits from big businesses will trickle down to workers. However, statistics show that wage growth has stagnated and that wealth is continually concentrated at the top with CEOs and corporations making huge profits and workers not getting their fair share.

The Liberal government is working with big businesses and multi-national corporations to maximise profits while offshoring and casualising jobs and cutting penalty rates for casual workers.


1/3 of businesses
don’t pay any tax.
the top 1% own
more than the
bottom 70%
4 million workers
are in insecure
wage growth is at
record lows

#Rights4Riders Campaign

Campaign to improve the

working conditions of Food Delivery Riders

The takeaway food industry is predicted to reach $3.5 billion in the next five years. Food delivery riders are paid below minimum wage, they have no superannuation, no sick pay, no annual leave, no insurance and no right to challenge being sacked.

We have partnered with the Transport Workers Union and food delivery riders to fight for their rights and we are committed to ensuring that no worker in this country earns below minimum wage and has access to basic work entitlements.

We are also pursuing a legislative agenda which seeks to extend basic work entitlements to riders. We have made some progress with the NSW State Government in securing such commitments. Nevertheless, much work remains to be done.

We urge you to sign our petition and demand that UberEATS, MenuLog and Deliveroo improve the working conditions of their riders immediately.

If you would like to be more actively involved, please get in touch with us.