NSW and Sydney Fare Free Days

When are the Fare Free Days in NSW and Sydney? Why are they happening?

NSW and Sydney Train Strike

Why are there fare free days on Sydney and NSW Public Transport Network?

Fare Free Days on Sydney and NSW public transport will begin on Thursday 14 April. They are due to rail unions campaigning for commuters to be compensated for the NSW Government decision to shut down the train network on 21 February 2022.

Initially the Perrottet Government blamed rail workers for the shutdown. However, images and video quickly emerged of rail workers turning up to stations and depots ready to work. The Perrottet Government later apologised and resumed rail services. To thank commuters for their support, rail workers began the campaign for fare free days in late February. Find out more about what happened on the day here.

In NSW Parliamentary Budget Estimates it later emerged that Senior Transport officials had been planning a shutdown of the train system for several days prior. The documents included text messages and strategy documents describing the plan to shutdown services. This included text messages to the head of the Premier’s Department.

When are the fare free days occurring?

Following the campaign by rail workers in their unions, the NSW Government has promised that fare free days will be provided on all modes of transport for 12 days from 4:00 am on Thursday 14 April 2022 until 3:59 am on Tuesday 26 April 2022.

Does the fare free travel apply to all public transport?

Fare free travel includes all modes of transport across the Opal network.

Areas included:

Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, the Hunter, and the Illawarra

Transport modes included:

Metro, train, bus, light rail, and ferry services