Stop the Sell Offs! No Privatisation

$70 billion of public assets have been sold off and privatised, but over $500 billion more are at risk

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Privatisation Is Not Over

The Berejiklian Government has already flagged more privatisations. Over $500 billion in public assets are at risk. This includes the remaining 50 per cent of the electricity network (the half which has not been privatised), most public hospitals, water services, and most roads and public transport services.

We Can Stop This

In 2017 the NSW Liberals and Nationals tried to privatise 5 regional hospitals. We built a people-powered campaign to defeat their plans – and we won! Find about more about this win here.

We Must Stop Privatisation For Good

From your nearest public hospital to the water the comes out of your tap, the stakes are high if we don’t stop the sell offs. The majority of NSW is against privatisation – but a silent majority. If enough people make their voices heard and take action we can stop privatisations and sell offs. The Berejiklian Government will stop if it fears it will lose power or lose an election over this issue. If we don’t stop privatisation, we will all be worse off. Future generations will be worse off. We will pay higher prices for worse services. Join the campaign below before it’s too late.