Honour the Deal

To: NSW Premier Chris Minns and NSW Treasurer Daniel Mookhey


9 November 2023

UNION WIN: Teachers deal honoured

The NSW Teachers Federation has reached an in-principle agreement with the NSW Government that would see NSW teachers become some of the country’s highest paid.

The initial agreement has now been honoured after the withdrawal of the government’s previous four year offer of 2.5 per cent increases in years two, three and four.

None of this would have been possible without teachers and other union activists standing up and taking action to tell the government to Honour the Deal.

The children of NSW will ultimately gain the most from this deal as now our state can begin attracting and retaining hardworking teachers after a decade of crisis under the Liberal’s wages cap.

This is just the start but shows what workers can achieve when we work together.

What was the campaign about?

Premier Minns and Treasurer Mookhey – Honour the Deal you made with teachers.

The NSW Labor Government must Honour the Deal it made with the NSW Teacher’s Federation.

In May the NSW Teacher’s Federation reached an agreement with the Labor Government, an agreement that would help with the recruitment and retention of teachers necessary in the context of a deep teacher shortage.

After campaigning to see the removal of a Coalition Government at the state election, and after shaking hands on a deal, without warning, the deal has been scuttled by the Government.

The offer from the current Government is described by the Teacher’s Federation as “an insult”.

Angelo Gavrielatos, the President of the NSW Teacher’s Federation stated:

“We struck a deal not once, but twice,”.

“The teachers of this state have been gutted by what can only be described as an act of betrayal. Never before has a government walked away from a deal in the way that we are experiencing now. Our message is very simple; honour the agreement,”

The children of NSW are losing out on their education every day as classes are merged or left with minimal supervision due to a shortage of teachers.

NSW can’t retain the teachers it has or attract the teachers it needs while these essential workers remain underpaid and overworked.

The NSW Labor Government must come to it’s senses, live up to the promises it’s made workers and honour the deal.