We Wont Wait

A call for 10 days paid domestic violence leave

We Won't Wait Protester

The We Won’t Wait campaign for paid domestic violence leave has placed pressure on the NSW Government to successfully win an entitlement to 10 days paid leave for NSW Public Sector employees. This was a significant win, but the push to see make it a universal entitlement and included in the National Employment Standards continues. Why is this important? In Australia, a woman dies every week because of family and domestic violence. Family and domestic violence is the leading cause of death, disability, and illness among women aged 15-44 years, greater than cancer or heart disease. And yet access to paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave is limited. Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave means a woman can access support services so she can leave a violent situation. She can attend court, doctor’s appointments, meet with real estate agents, change her children’s school, all without the fear of losing her job. Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave will save lives. To get involved in this life-changing campaign contact us here. Sign the petition here: https://www.megaphone.org.au/petitions/we-won-t-wait-because-women-can-t-wait