You have rights and protections at work. Here a three facts to ensure you know yours:

Fact #1 – You Should Always Recieve a Payslip Every time you get paid, your boss is legally required to issue a payslip no later than one day after payday. Your payslip is the key to ensuring that you are receiving the correct pay and entitlements for the work you do. This is what info a payslip should include. 

Fact #2 – You are entitled to a minimum rate of pay These are set out in Awards and determined by the Fair Work Commission. The national minimum hourly rate is $19.49 for permanent employees, and $24.36 for casual employees. Depending on your industry, you may be entitled to a higher rate of pay. Here are the minimum rates of pay for casual workers, including junior rates. Click here to view the mandarin version.

Fact #3 – You should receive superannuation and other entitlements Superannuation is a compulsory payment to be made by your boss and is in addition to your pay. These payments are made to a superannuation fund throughout your working life and funds your retirement. If you are employed on a permanent part-time or full-time basis, you are entitled to annual leave and sick leave. Maximum hours, meal breaks and time between shifts are all set out in your relevant award. Use this pay calculator to find your award and your hourly rates of pay and entitlements:

What Next? If you are unsure about your rights at work, or your payslip or pay rate doesn’t match the above information, call 1300 486 466 immediately. To find out more or be kept in the loop enter the form below.

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